A Little About Us

From our humble beginnings in 2000 as a team of two specialising in “flash” sites and graphic design gradually evolved and even merged and was involved with advertising, signage and promotions.
In 2015 we Split off and created a new entity and Trixel Media was reborn, specialising in Web Design and Development, Branding and Design with a side of order of Print.

What makes us different from many others is the fact that we have an understanding of what design actually is, design has to have intelligence and purpose.

Whether it is a website or an advertisement it can not just be aesthetically pleasing, it needs to meet the clients demands and actually achieve results. Our objective as designers is to create something that engages with your clients, captures their attention and invokes the required response to achieve new leads, greater conversions and ultimately to increase sales.

Tech Savvy

We love our tech….not only do we use the latest technologies, hardware and best practised techniques we love technology, wether it be the latest smart phone or a new component for building a computer we appreciate and are enthusiastic about it all, as well as technology being a past time for us we also investigate and see how it relates to our industry and how we can evolve our work so that our clients can always be at the leading edge.


Nothing neutral here….As a team that has been involved with various divisions of the design industry we are all truly passionate about “design”, in all its variations. There is a real fiery love for what we do here which shows through our attitude and work.


Without imagination nothing unique would exist. As a creative team we are always diving deep into the realm of imagination so that we can bring forward new and creative ideas for our clients, enabling them to have a unique and powerful presence. Let us help you visualise a new level of creativity for your brand and company.


Design has no purpose without intelligence, we pride ourselves on having the skill sets to be able to apply the required intellect in to the planning, strategy, designs and campaigns that we take on. We believe intelligence gives design the drive and purpose it need to be successful and not just aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.


“Top Gear” all the way….We are a very driven company, truly enjoying what we do, always trying to create innovative strategies and ideas. Not satisfied with just the necessities of each project but always want to take it above and beyond, because our creations will always reflect back on us and we are driven to make that reflection look awesome.


Nice to see you….Not only do we thoroughly enjoy meeting with our client, friends and associates, one of our core beliefs is that a certain level of sociability and interaction is very much needed for us to understand our clients and their objectives so that we can advise and implement the best plan of action. Too many companies these days don’t give the time and attention to see what is best for the client, thats where we try to be different.