Digital Marketing + Strategies

Strategies, Consulting, Brand Security, Complimentary Services and Marketing


Research & Planning

We research your brand, business presence and competition to evaluate a specific plan of action for branding, design, digital strategy and marketing and possible future steps and projects.

Brand Security

After initial evaluation we can determine any vulnerabilities within your business and brand and create solutions to enhance, secure and future proof existing campaigns and projects as well as preparation for future steps and steps.

Digital Marketing

Once we have a plan of action, we can strategically choose ways to use social media and online marketing platforms to enable us to reach the planned targets and goals.

Business Development

We can also advice and implement services and products which may work in synergy with the design, development and marketing plans to further aid in the progress, anything from photography, applications, point-of-sale, signage, promotional products and apparel to software and print.

Trademarks, Intellectual Property & Formations

Intellectual property is intangible property that is the result of creativity, such as patents, copyrights, etc. We specialise in submitting Trademark registrations through the intellectual property office which is the only way to secure statutory rights to a name. Company registrations and domain name registrations do not give any rights to business or product names. Neither do they provide any protection against others using your chosen names.


Direct Submission to IPO UK & OHIM

We work directly with the UK Intellectual Property Office and The Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM), for UK & EU trademarks.


Cost Effective

We have packages starting from £449 including trademark searches, fees and submission charges. Secure your brand now!


Company formation

With our excellent swift formations service we can get your company name registered within 3 hours. That’s fast.


Are you Ready?

Are you ready to secure your name or brand? or just need some advise?